DynTune – dynamic tuning system for e-organs

Master’s thesis by Jan Ročnik (2015)
Supervisors: Martin Rumori – University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Gerhard Graber – Graz University of Technology

DynTune makes it possible to change the tuning of an e-organ while playing. It uses two tuning systems (e.g. equal and Pythagorean) as poles, enabling continuous cross-fading between the two. Each of the base tuning systems can originate from any tuning centre (keynote). This opens up a cosmos of new interpretive possibilities.

The resulting detuning of the fifths and thirds is displayed in diagrams in real time, making DynTune suitable for the study and design of various tuning systems.

Connection to the instrument
DynTune is currently designed for use with the Hauptwerk organ sampler. The tuning can be controlled by touchscreen, mouse and keyboard, or MIDI interfaces such as an organ swell pedal.

DynTune in use
The video shows how DynTune works. A C major / A minor cadence is played. There is dynamic interpolation between Pythagorean tuning and equal tuning.

Sound samples from different tuning systems
/ The samples provided show a C major / A minor cadence recorded in MIDI format and reproduced for various tunings.
/ Pythagorean tuning
/ Meantone tuning (1/4 comma)
/ Neidhardt tuning (“for large towns”)
/ Werckmeister III tuning
/ Silbermann tuning
/ Equal tuning
/ DynTune – dynamic tuning