Promotion of young talent

The Institute for Church Music and Organ is committed to initiatives to promote the next generation of organists. For example, pupils can get to know the instrument in class workshops at Palais Schwarzenberg [Schwarzenberg Palace] and have the opportunity to learn to play the organ themselves at the university, as part of a funded project.
Not only do the university’s mobile organs enable concerts and projects to take place anywhere, the height of the digital organ’s modern consoles can be adjusted to suit children, making access to the instrument easier and more ergonomic. 
One of the institute’s pipe organs has also been painted by children from the Graz Malschule [School of Art] to visually represent the fact that the organ is more colourful and versatile than many people think. The instrument returned to Palais Schwarzenberg in 2017. 

Organ tuition for children

Blaue Orgel [Blue Organ] (2nd floor foyer)