Musical Advent Calendar

Since 2011 the Musical Advent Calendar has accompanied the Graz Christmas Market throughout the Advent period. Under the aegis of the Institute for Church Music and Organ, each day a musical “door” is opened, revealing a varied and complementary assortment including organ music, improvisation, liturgy and chamber music.

The use of multiple concert venues in Graz and the surrounding area (including Graz parish church and cathedral) and the incorporation of existing Advent events (KUG main subscription series and Advent Vespers) makes it an innovative concept on the Graz cultural scene.

Through its collaboration with international guests, the series also takes on significance beyond the region’s borders.  The key principle is to present both artistic organ playing and KUG’s work in the field of church music to a broad public, and to provide the institute’s students with experiences important for their later career through extended performance opportunities.