Palais Schwarzenberg - Institute Church Music and Organ

Orgelkonzertsaal R3 Foto: Alexander Wenzel

Bürgergasse 3, 8010 Graz
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The former Palais Schwarzenberg (Schwarzenberg Palace), which contains the Institute of Church Music and Organ, together with its Centre for Organ Research on two floors, originates from the 16th century (built between 1570 and 1580, and incorporating two earlier buildings). The building acquired its current appearance in the 17th century under the Schwarzenberg family. The historic arcade courtyard is one of the outstanding architectural treasures of the old town of Graz. The institute's rooms include rehearsal spaces, a recording studio and offices, plus a total of nine pipe organs of different constructions, a digital electronic organ and other related instruments.

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Orgelkonzertsaal R3 Foto: Alexander Wenzel
Orgelkonzertsaal R3 | Foto: Alexander Wenzel

Orgelkonzertsaal R3 (R3 organ concert hall)

The R3 organ concert hall provides a highly functional space for the digital electronic organ at the Institute of Church Music.

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